Brain Builders


STEAM Education Program

Entering its 5th year at Moulton Elementary School is the Brain Builders STEAM Education program.  Brain Builders STEAM Education Program is instructed by Brain Builders, an education based company serving Orange County since 2002, which offers class in engineering with LEGO bricks.  Each STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) based program was specifically tailored for each grade level at Moulton and encourages students to apply the concepts they learn to create their own team projects not just build from a set of instructions.

More information about Brain Builders, check out their website here.

Building for the Future

Brain Builders not only teaches students concepts such as physics, science, and math at their age appropriate level, but the students get to apply the concepts tangibly by engineering with LEGO bricks.  Using STEAM curriculum, students will find out what it really means to 'engineer' a project including teamwork, patience, and the satisfaction of completing goals and challenges!