Frequently asked questions


How does RMIQ Foundation DIFFER from Moulton PTA?

 RMIQ Foundation and Moulton PTA are two distinct but equally important pieces of the financial support system at Moulton. RMIQ Foundation is an INDEPENDENT non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation and can raise funds for ANY purpose that benefits Moulton Elementary, where Moulton PTA is limited by California State PTA to where and how they spend their money raised. With CUSD allowing larger class size maximums in our district (up to 32 student averages in K-3rd and 36 student averages in 4th/ 5th grades), RMIQ chooses to focus all our efforts on reducing class size and encouraging more small group instruction every week for the duration of the school year. RMIQ Foundation and Moulton PTA are working together to mutually complement and enhance efforts to improve the education of all students at Moulton.  

Why should I donate?

 You should donate to RMIQ Foundation because the programs it funds are working! A donation to RMIQ Foundation improves the education of all students at Moulton. RMIQ Foundation’s programs have effectively reduced class size for a portion of the school day during a designated period of time throughout the school year. This allows Moulton teachers to work with smaller groups of students in core subjects. In addition, a donation to RMIQ Foundation will fund up to 2 part-time Instructional Aides AND up to a 6 week Brain Builders STEM Education Program for the 2018-2019 school year. The duration of the Brain Builders program and the number of Aides hired is solely dependent on the amount of money raised. 

How much should I donate?

 As a guideline, we suggest an annual voluntary donation of $300 for each child attending Moulton. With private schools in our area ranging from $6,000 to $17,500 per year, a $300 tax-deductible donation to directly enhance your child’s education at an already strong public school is a great financial investment! Considering that for about the same amount as an Apple iPad mini or a Nintendo Switch, you can make a donation to YOUR school and do your part to help lower the student to teacher ratio in your child’s classroom and bring Instructional Aides and a very effective engineering program directly to the school. You can’t go wrong with a donation to RMIQ Foundation! 

Is my donation tax deductible?

 All donations made to RMIQ Foundation are tax deductible to the full extent permitted by law.  

Does the Moulton Principal, Teachers and the Administration support RMIQ Foundation?

Yes. Moulton teachers enthusiastically support RMIQ Foundation and count on the RMIQ Foundation funds so that they can work with students in small groups. Our principal, Mrs. Jackie Campbell, has said “RMIQ Foundation is making a difference in the education at Moulton… As a result, students are receiving more individual support working at their level and pace and in turn making incredible growth.”